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Al Baher Training Center welcomes all students who come with their passion to learn the Arabic Language. We are committed to profoundly expanding the possibilities for, and expectations of, each student. The essential elements to delivering this commitment include not only instructional methodology but also an important shift in the process and patina of education at every level we provide at our center.

Our professional teaching techniques in addition to the excellent feedback we constantly get from our students led to giving us the credit of providing Arabic instruction services for the officers working at the American Embassy in Amman and their spouses.

We believe that people don’t always learn in straight lines, so we should not teach them without being expertly responsive and flexible. Many schools’ systems are set up to start at point A and go to point B in a straight line, but learning curves shift and turn dramatically up and down for many students. Here at Al Baher Training Center we meet students where they are, bring them forward at a meaningful pace and teach them to move on independently. This allows for the true essence of specialized education to be put into practice. It also enables Al Baher Training Center to provide greater challenges at the upper reaches of the learning curve as well as to help overcome the obstacles to achieving academic potential. education for the individual is not just a slogan, but rather the core principal of all sound special education theory.

Diligent assessment, analysis and insight begin the ceaseless cycle of responsiveness. Highly developed relationships allow for intimate understanding of each student at our center. The meaningful comprehension of the learner is essential to the design of an individualized education plan and program. The response of the student to the educational process is often dynamic and singular. Al Baher Training Center is unique in its commitment to continuing our assessment and understanding beyond the initial plan or curriculum. As each person learns and grows, the system responds to support, challenge, and facilitate ever-increasing potential and independence.

My mandate to all the staff is to cycle our feedback system as close to the moment as possible, to listen, design, teach, and redesign with our minds and hearts on the pulse of the student. Moreover, students at Al Baher Training Center learn to evaluate their own responses and experiences, to reflect on these events and trends to increase the awareness of self, and to then make ever more sophisticated and meaningful decisions, creations, and contributions.

The process of understanding begins by us getting to know each other. We look forward to that opportunity and hope that this site helps you begin to get to know us.

Ghadeer Darawsheh
Executive Director, Al Baher Training Center

Our Student Services are: