Specialized Arabic Courses

Specialized Arabic Courses

These courses are directed towards students who have reached to advanced levels in Arabic and are currently seeking either to master their language skills or to maintain them. Therefore, our Specialized Arabic courses are created to meet the needs of these advanced learners through which students can choose an area of specialization specific to their language goals. Our Specialized Arabic courses are suitable for students of the Intermediate High through the Advanced level. These courses are typically offered as private courses.

Our Specialized Arabic Courses are offered at any time of the year, and they don`t have to coincide to our normal-year academic calendar.


Our Main Three Specialized Arabic Courses:


This course introduces the language of the newspapers, magazines, and internet news sites to intermediate and advanced level students of Modern Standard Arabic. Media Arabic course includes pre-reading discussions as well as extensive practice on vocabulary in context, organizing information, skimming, scanning, critical reading, and analysing content.



This course focuses on Arabic Poetry and Literature from the pre-Islamic period to the most recent and up to date works of fiction.



This course focuses on teaching Quranic or classical Arabic. The sentence structure is the same as is used in the modern standard Arabic used today. The course will point out the minor differences in grammar and punctuation of words between the Quranic and modern standard versions of Arabic.