Private Tutoring

A little individual attention can really go a long way! A private lesson means personalized focus on you. You will receive your teacher’s undivided attention, plus guidance and feedback that is specific to you and your goals.

If you wish to improve your level significantly in a short time and to target your learning to specific areas, sign up for one-to-one course at Al Baher at any time of the year, and maximize your progress through private lessons. This is the most flexible and personal course available which is offered year-round on a by-request basis. Private lessons may be held in the days or evenings depending upon instructors’ availability.

We recognize that some students need more intensive concentration of hours, while others may want a complete emphasis on either the sciences or skills; for this reason we offer private tutoring. Your classes will be designed specifically to match your specific needs. With individual attention, these sessions are 100% focused on your requirements. Set your own goals and your teacher will help you reach them.