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Al Baher Arabic Language Training Center employs 14 college-educated, credentialed staff to provide friendly, courteous, efficient, timely and punctual service. The center’s reliable and professional standards are maintained by our motivated bilingual, well-trained native Arabic speaking instructors with over ten years of experience in their respective fields. They are enthusiastic, friendly, and most importantly – each one is fully certified and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education to maintain our structured and comprehensive classes. They are selected with a high degree of review as they are the key to making Arabic fun and effective.

Our instructors provide documentation to applicants in a timely manner (e.g. test/interview information) followed by adequate notice to applicants for attendance at tests and interviews. The instructors supply results and meaningful feedback on tests and interviews to applicants as early as possible, and continue to monitor selected methods and their efficiency and effectiveness.

With our energy, expertise and passion for teaching Arabic, our goal is to help students succeed in a global community, at Al Baher we have a team of people to welcome you and make you feel at home. Ask them about academic matters, social activities or the best place get good coffee! They are there for you, they can accompany you on the many social activities we organize. They will be your guides as you and your new international friends explore.


Al Baher Faculty Members 

Mutaz Al Masri Co-Founder

Mr. Mutaz Al Masri, Co-Founder and CEO of Al-Baher Arabic Language Center, has an M.B.A. and B.B.A. in Business Administration from École Nationale d’Administration, has a long experience in developing and running many companies.


Ms Ghadeer Darawsheh

Academic & Operation Director & Managing Partner, Al Baher Arabic Language Training Centre. Ms Ghadeer holds a Bachelor`s degree in English and French Literature from the University of Jordan and a Master`s degree in Teaching Arabic for Speakers in Other Languages (ASOL) from the University of Jordan.

Ms Ghadeer is an English & Arabic teaching specialist with over 24 years of expertise in driving academic growth in competitive sectors through effective lesson plans and content creation capabilities. Understanding the increasing importance of the Arabic language’s influence in the world, Ms Ghadeer has successfully forged a progressive career over the last 24 years focusing on developing strategies for non-native speakers to effectively acquire skills related to the language’s competencies. Ms Ghadeer adopts a consultative approach to ensure specific requirements are met whilst focusing on exceeding expectations for service quality. She is an innovative strategist who has successfully created manuals and published books that have enhanced student learning and teaching methods. She is a motivational and inspirational leader capable of training and developing teams to enable them to fulfil their potential.

Ms Ghadeer`s Key Achievements:

  • Design Arabic courses for over 400 students/annually (non-native speakers) in collaboration with 8 instructors with ownership in monitoring lesson plan creation, producing teaching manuals/books and delivering teaching schedules.
  • Lead language lessons in alignment with ILR* standards to US military students in preparations for their OPI* and DLPT* exams; overseeing aspects including reading, listening and speaking on an individual and in a group setting.
  • Tester for the Foreign Service Institute Arabic Proficiency Test; facilitating entire test process in Washington, DC.
  • Private contractor for government bodies and academic facilities across Amman-Jordan and USA including the US Embassy, US Military (MAP), USAID*, ISU*, OSC* and University of North Carolina and Fort Bragg Military Installation.
  • Establish and strengthen relationships with agencies, vendors, public officials, embassies, corporations and government entities with expertise in negotiations, contract management and ensuring effective partnerships.

Head of the Post Arabic Language Program, US Embassy Amman

  • Led team of cross-functional Arabic language instructors across daily operations with ownership in task delegation, scheduling, internal training/mentoring, performance evaluation and working closely during large group sessions.
  • Conducted engaging lessons to students varying from ages, language knowledge and backgrounds; developed personalised lesson plans when required and ensured consistent review to record and update student progress.
  • Kept updated on latest breakthroughs, methodologies and language references and accurately integrate them into existing lessons plans, examinations, manuals and study books while maintaining high quality standards throughout.
  • Prepared special modules and courses for regional security officers and consulates in the Jordanian dialect



Ms Sarah Ramadan

Ms Sarah is currently a lecturer of Arabic for non- native speakers at Al Baher Arabic Language Center. Ms Sarah holds a Bachelor`s degree in English Language and literature From ( Al-Hussain Bin Talal University), and a Master`s  degree in Teaching Methods from Jordan University She has been working in the field of TAFL for many years and served as an instructor and a coordinator at the Arabic Post Language Program at the US embassy in Amman. She has initiated different projects related to teaching Arabic such as “Arabic for diplomats” and “Arabic for military personnel” Her exquisite and comprehensive Arabic Language teaching methods have resulted in helping  students to move with their levels  from the “Functional- true beginner” level to the “Professional- Advanced” level. Having Ms Sarah among the staff of Al Baher Arabic Language Center has been one of the many reasons why corporations, governments, undergraduate and graduate college students and individuals in Jordan and around the world choose Al Baher for Arabic language instruction, cross-cultural and leadership training in addition to its rich innovative approach to instruction.


Ms Fatima Kawash

Ms Fatima is currently a lecturer of Arabic for non- native speakers at Al Baher Arabic Language Center. She holds a Bachelor`s degree in English Language and literature From ( Al-Balqaa’ Applied University) and  a Master`s degree in Linguistics from (MEU) , and has completed a course in Methods of teaching Arabic for non-native speakers from (UOP).


Ms Marwa Dmour

Ms Maraw is currently a lecturer of Arabic for non- native speakers at Al Baher Arabic Language Center. She holds a Bachelor`s degree in Arabic Language and literature From (University of Jordan) and  a Master`s degree in Human resources from (Mutah University) , and has completed a course in Methods of teaching Arabic for non-native speakers from (UOP).