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Arabic offers many opportunities in life and can lead the way to a successful future. Whether your decision to learn Arabic is for education, career or simply for an incredible life experience, Al Baher will ensure to help you achieve your goals. Choose from our various Arabic language courses, and let our friendly and professional instructors guide you to fluency

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  • I have been studying Arabic with Ghadeer for over three years. One feels Ghadeer's depth of knowledge and expertise at every lesson. From the very basics to the advanced, she is fully prepared to accommodate to all learners. Her one-on-one lessons are perfectly tailored to one's needs and preferences, and her group lessons are fun and engaging. I am so grateful to be able to speak Arabic in practical, day-to-day situations, and I owe this all to Ghadeer. The Training Center is a comfortable, welcoming place that I give my highest recommendation to. Please come and enjoy!
  • A terrific experience with Al Baher! Ghadeer has been teaching me for over a year now and I have found her not only excellent at helping me with Arabic but so patient, flexible and able to work with individuals as well as groups. She has a keen sense of a students` needs and adapts her teaching style to those needs easily. It is also so nice to work with someone who really understands English colloquialisms well enough to relate them to Arabic. I always look forward to my classes at Al Baher!
  • Al Baher language center delivers language classes with standards of excellence I have rarely seen. They cater to each individual student’s needs while ensuring a high standard for learning that really delivers results. Their teachers are engaging, cross-culturally astute and very well-trained, professional and dedicated. I would recommend Al Baher Language Center to any and all individuals interested in learning Arabic. They will get you there and you will have fun learning at the same time.
  • My week at Al Baher has been the most beneficial and productive in my years of Arabic study. Before the course, Ghadeer was really helpful in consulting me about my aims and needs and preparing a tailored programme. During my intensive course, Sarah and Ghadeer acheived the perfect balance between my aims of improving my MSA and embarking on study of Jordanian dialect. I also had the opportunity to practise new and important skills such as delivering presentations and conducting mock journalistic interviews. Both my tutors selected interesting and relevant topics through which I not only improved my language but also learned more about various Arabic cultures. The institute is very well organised and welcoming and I would highly recommend it to all students who are keen to study in a friendly, supportive and professional atmosphere.-
  • Ghadeer, the lessons you teach us are wonderful! I find them very helpful, as you help us not only to learn Arabic, but to know much more about Jordan and the Arabic culture. Being your student I am keen to continue and I feel my improvement every day. Shukran! It has been such amazing and interesting experience learning at Al Baher
  • Taking Arabic lessons at Al Baher Center has been a very positive experience. The lessons are adapted to the interests of the students and are very captivating. There is time for laughter, for interesting stories about Jordan and its people and for serious study. A relaxed and efficient way to learn a difficult language!